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Qingdao Arpege Lashes Cosmetic Co., Ltd is one of the biggest and professional Mink Eyelash Vendors and 25mm mink strip Lash Vendors in china ,our aim is to produce top quality products and offer best service . We specialized in eyelash extensions,3d mink fur strip eyelashes ,korean silk eyelashes,3d faux mink eyelashes,custom packaging boxes and make up tool so on . OEM and ODM service are available ,we have professional design team to help you design a unique package . Welcome to join us !

About Custom Packaging

Dear, I am very glad that you can come to our website, and I am very happy to introduce you to our custom packaging. We have the most professional designers who can design your own eyelash box according to your requirements. You can send it to us. You like empty eyelash packaging model or your logo, we will design according to your conditions, and please don’t worry that our design is free. First of all material: Our box materials mainly use paper card boxes, plastic boxes and cloth boxes. We will select materials according to customers’ requirements. The price of different materials is different. The production time and production process are also different. If you can choose according to your needs. Secondly printing: Regarding the printing of logos, we mainly use ordinary printing, bronzing, and 3Dlogo on the paper custom product packaging. On the plastic box, we mainly use the method of making sticker, and paste the logo on the box. Finally the shape: at present, our factory mainly does, rectangular, square, round, diamond, triangle, Pull typel, etc. We support to add a mirror inside the box for free, or add a window outside the box, and we will also be a custom product boxes carrying 2 pairs of eyelashes and 4 pairs of eyelashes. So dear, if you want to know more, contact us Makeup Manufacturers and look forward to working with you.

About Eyelash Glue

our company’s glue is imported in South Korea, there is no special large amount of stock, because our duo lash glue is made to order, if you need a small amount of lash glue, we can deliver it to you soon. But if you need a lot of glue, we need some time to make it for you. Because it is rare, I hope you can find us and have it with us. Regarding the color of the glue, we have three kinds of transparent color, milky white and black. You can choose your favorite one according to your preference. Our glue water can also add logo. You can send us your logo, we will pass Paste the way and add your logo to the glue bottle Regarding the capacity of the black eyelash glue, our glue has 10ml and 5ml, and the glue of the two capacities only differs by 2 dollars. You can choose according to your own use. Our glue is trace-free, and there are no white or black marks that look unsightly on your eyes. And our glue is also very good to paste, it can be easily pasted, and it can be easily removed, there is no strong smell to stimulate our eyes, and our glue is quality tested. High security, if you are interested, you can buy with confidence.So dear, if you want to know more, contact us Makeup Manufacturers and look forward to working with you.

About Lashes Tweezers

In addition to glue, eyelash tweezers are also indispensable. It is better to wear eyelashes  use lashes tweezers. Although some people can use hands to bring our eyelashes skillfully, it is often used by hand will make us The eyelashes are easily deformed and will make our eyelashes easy to shed. Dice features: Our eyelash tweezers is made of metal and is available in Gold plating and lacquer plating. The head of the scorpion is curved and will not hurt our eyes. Moreover, our custom lash tweezers can also add logos. You only need to send them. Give us your logo and we will use the hot stamping technique to help you add the logo to the tweezers. So if you are interested, please send us a message, our eyelashes are not expensive, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed, you will definitely like it when you see it.So dear, if you want to know more, contact us Makeup Manufacturers and look forward to working with you.

About Delivery And After Sales Service

Regarding the delivery problem, if it is a personal buyer, a small batch of ordering boxes、best lash glue or lash tweezers we will prepare the products you need within 3 days, and will deliver the boxes、lash glue or lash tweezers to you. The shipping time will send the boxes to you within 3-5 days. If the wholesaler needs to customize a large number of boxes、false eyelash glue or tweezers, our delivery will complete the production of the box in 5-7 days, and the boxes、glue or tweezers will be issued on the day of completion, and the shipping time will also be between 3-5 days arrive. After sales service: We support the return policy. If you purchase our products, if there is a problem with the product reaching your hand, please take a photo and send it to us. When we are sure that we are our problem, we will accept the return and give you a best explanation. So dear, don’t worry, welcome to order our products, look forward to working with you.

Contact US Makeup Manufacturers

If you are interested in our products, you are very welcome to contact us, we will give you the best service, recommend our best products, you can also order some samples, after confirming, continue to order a large number of goods. Looking forward to working with you, I believe we will work together for a long time.

How To Contact With  Us

Email: sales@miislashes.com

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  1. Hey there im Yasmin and im very interested in starting my own lash line and would really love to work with you guy! you guys seem to have exactly what I’m looking for mink lashes venddor, please get in to contact with me as soon as possible because this would be a dream come true!

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  5. Hey there im Yasmin and im very interested in starting my own lash line and would looking find a eyelash vendor , and I really love to work with you guy! you guys seem to have exactly what I’m looking for please get in to contact with me as soon as possible because this would be a dream come true!

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