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20MM Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes Vendor–Arpege Lashes is a professional Eyelashes Vendor of 15-25mm Mink LashesWholesale Eyelashes is our main mink lashes. Among them,Wholesale 20mm Mink Lashes occupies a large part. As a Eyelash supplier  dedicate to design and make Wholesale Mink Lashes of 20mm eyelashes. We aim to bring the best natural,quality and cheap mink eyelashes to everyone who loves beauty.

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Our  20mm long mink eyelashes (DX series) are available. The new catalogue is as follows:


20mm mink lashes

20mm mink eyelashes

If you are interested in our mink eyelashes,you can contract with us, we will send clear videos to you ,you can see it clearly.

We also have 15mm.16mm.20mm.22mm.25mm mink lashes styles.And custom you want eyelash packaging box with your logo and information.

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