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The World’s Largest Eyelash Production Factory Base

The World’s Largest Eyelash Production Factory Base

Do you know how does false eyelash made? And do you know where are they made from? YES, China is the biggest eyelash wholesale false eyelashes manufacturers Base, but do you know where  produce eyelashes in China? Have you ever heard of Pingdu?Or Have you heard of  Qingdao? If you not,you can Goole it.  Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city located in the east of China. There are many European styles buildings.

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Pingdu City, Qingdao,Shandong Province received Alibaba’s “hot stamping” business card.“ The origin of false eyelashes.” As one of the largest eyelashes manufacturing base so far in China. This card is more than praise to Pingdu, it approved that pingdu, Qingdao is finally been bound up together as a brand that could be known by the world.

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As the world’s largest production base for false eyelash. Pingdu is the true home of false eyelashes. The diligent and simple Pingdu people made uncountable pairs of false eyelashes with each pair of skilled hands.Most of these products are exported to USA, Europe, and Canada by the best craftsmanship and the most competitive price.According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of false eyelashes manufacturers and workshops in Pingdu.The production of false eyelashesaccounts for about 70% of the total eyelash output in the country.

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By the time of 2007, the rise of the e-commercial economy, residents of ping starting seek the way of distributing and export lashes, eyelashes by themselves instead of been imported.Eyelashes manufacturing industry became booming from that on, more and more factories were coming up, with the various products and craftworks thrived. Arpege Lashes were also established at that golden time.

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The origin of false eyelashes

We, the manufacturers of wholesale lashes and false eyelashes,we build our website, ins,tweeter, pinterest to let more people know our brand. And you can directly talk with us by whatsapp, so we can share more information about our product.And we also welcome to Qingdao and visit our factory, then I will take you to eat our decilious food.

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Most importantly, you can sample our mink lashes to test quality. And our moq is really low, so most people can wholesale mink lashes from us.

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