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Can your Mink Eyelashes Get Wet

Can your Mink Eyelashes Get Wet

Can  your Mink EyeLashes Get Wet ? Well, actually, it depends, most of the Mink Lashes can’t get wet, and you can’t swim with mink lashes. But our top quality Mink Lashes did it !

Mink Eyelash Vendor

Hey,Love, this is CTO Alexis from Arpege Lashes, and today I will tell you the secret of why the other lashes can’t get wet when you put them on, and show you the technology your Eyelash Vendors use.

Eyelash Vendor

First , How to test the their difference?
Well,we did a test to test if our top quality mink Lashes can stay the best curl when they get wet. Finally , we found, Our Luxury 3D Mink Lashes can swim!

We start with a destructive rubbing of our Mink Eyelashes, and then put them into the water,and then we stir it,when the lashes are fully soaked, we remove them and place them on dry paper.

To our surprise, the mink lashes returned to their original shape when they dried out!

Mink Lashes Vendors

But we for the others Mink Lashes Manufacturer’s regular Mink Lashes can’t pass the experiment.

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