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How To Find A Professional Eyelash Box Wholesale Vendor

How To Find A Professional Eyelash Box Wholesale Vendor

How can find a realiable eyelash packaging box wholesale vendor? It is a really important problem for eyelash business. Because eyelash packaging box is really important for your eyelash business. A beautiful box will attract more people attention for your eyelashes.


What should a professional eyelash box wholesale vendor be?

Firstly,they should have their own factory to product box rather than buy from others. When they have their own factory, it can save cost and assuare the quality.

As eyelash wholesale vendor with more than 10 years eyelash produce experience, we already have our own factory to produce eyelash and eyelash packaging box.

Secondly,they must have more example for your reference, because a professional eyelash box factory must produce more boxes for other customers.

We customize a variety of styles, sizes, colors according to the needs of customers.We can help you make your ideas come ture.We can print your logo or you like picture on you like box. 

And we have so many examples for your reference. Most importantly, if you don’t have your own logo, we can help you free design your logo on you want box.

Lashes Packaging Box

Most importantly, when you talk with eyelash box vendor,we must ask you some questions to help you produce a beautiful eyelash packaging box. If someone only directly tell you price of box and no more question to ask you. You maybe meet a unprofessional lashes box wholesale vendor.

Private Label Eyelash Packaging

And we also can special customized different color and detail eyelash packaging box for meet your requirement. And our custom eyelash packaging box moq only need 30pcs and spend 5-7 workdays , and some complicated box moq only need 50pcs and 7-10 workdays.


If you want have your own eyelash packaging box for your eyelash business, welcome to comtract with us !!!

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