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How To Paste False Eyelash Create A Magic Eye Makeup Princess

How To Paste False Eyelash Create A Magic Eye Makeup Princess

Eyelash makeup makeup skills:
Light silver eye makeup x coral blush noble princess makeup
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The most important part of Princess Makeup is the eye area. So the color of eye shadow can not be too deep to grab the luster and choose a lighter eye shadow. With flash powder or pearlescent light silver shadow, no matter on the makeup or the makeup can add Princess Bobbi’s shining, the eye lashes socket with white eye gel moisturizing effect, lightly brush on a layer can be simple.

A doll like princess is the most adorable and long eyelash. Few people can have such long eyelashes, which can be helped by false eyelash. When using false eyelashes, it is sticky from the outer corner of the eye and slowly fits into the inner corner of the eye.
In order to make false eyelashes look more fit, naturally, use moist effect Black Gel Eyeliner, eyelash Eyeliner carefully outlined in the above, this also can make your eyes look more shiny. Pay attention to the liner inside and outside corners do not exceed the length of eyelashes, because we need a smooth contour effect.
Because after eye shadow, eyelash 3D mink lashes factory and eye liner is installed, the eye shadow effect may be affected. At this time, you can gently press the eye shadow part with the ring finger. The order is to make the eye shadow more uniform and natural from the inside to outside, and from the bottom to the top.

Cheek make-up skill:
To highlight the princess elegant feeling, coral is a good choice, neither too naive and sweet, but also look elegant and not old. Below is the eye position high cheekbones, the small circle of the painting, and strong red coral powder, so it looks very delicate, elegant.
Lip makeup skills:
Increase the little princess delicate feeling, white peach red lip gloss is recommended. Chunzhuang accidentally becomes too thick will agree in the summer is not so fresh, transparent jelly lip gloss is a good choice. The key lies in the middle position of lip lip, in evenly, in the middle position and slightly overlap, which can make lips look soft and sexy.

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