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How To Start Lash Business Can Make More Money?

How To Start Lash Business Can Make More Money?

“Hello Arpege Lashes! I’m looking forward to opening my own lash company. How can you help me? Do you provide Sample Packs? Can you Custom Lash Box for me? How can i get Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Price?  Thanks in advance!” Arpege Lashes always get this kind of inquiries, ask for help on how to create lash line! Following paragraph will introduce to you how to start your lash line.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

First, you should take lash samples to make sure which lashes is better sells in your aimed Eyelash markets, no need to much, 6 different lash styles are enough, you can choose from the website, our website has many beautiful eyelash pictures, very easy to take choice.

Eyelash Samples

Second, you need to custom lash packaging boxes, when you tried out your sample packs, i am sure you are confidence on promoting  Arpege Lashes, you place bulk order with custom lash boxes. Arpege Lashes has over 100 different lash box models, you can take one box model, send them your logo, the staff who mentoring you can help you make design demos very quickly, when you feel satisfied, they will produce boxes for you in a very short time, only few days.

Custom Lash Boxes

If you don’t have Eyelash Logo Design, don’t worry, Arpege Lashes can help you make logo designs for you free charge, till you satisfied with the logo design before producing.

 Lash Packaging Box

Arpege Lashes need only 5 days producing boxes for you, so you can get your order 6 days after you done payment, how fast that is, great help for you, right?

Eyelash Vendors

Are you satisfied with this blog? any question, give me a feedback on the website, i can reply you within 36 hours. Wish cooperate with you, we both make big money!

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