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Mink Eyelashes Rapid Growth Principle

According to my own use, 3d Mink lashes and eyebrows have indeed had the effect of growth and denisfacation , the length of the density of visual inspection is often not reliable, and easily mixed with the role of psychological suggestion, the reason to confirm its effectiveness, the most authentic The argument is that those who apply in the cod liver oil, since the new growth of the roots of the Mink eyelashes and gradually become thick and long thick new Mink eyelashes, we can see that this method is absolutely effective for me

Because cod liver oil is edible oil-like liquid, so it is very greasy, our eye skin is the thinnest and most vulnerable places, if excessive smear will inevitably cause a heavy burden on the skin of the eye and will even produce fat particles, But once inadvertently can make eye sight blur in the moment, the long-term use of visual effects have the possibility of adverse effects exist, and each before the need for special cleaning eye, repeated scrub fine skin around the eye, if Method not properly, it is still very easy to cause the phenomenon of eye skin irritation, so do not overdose and too frequent use, up to two eyebrows a day up to the sum of the maintenance, it is best not to exceed this limit of six.

In addition, because cod-liver oil is a yellow oily liquid, the use of too often there is the possibility of “dyed” eye socket

1 eyebrow brush with eyebrow brush when you can choose the reverse, that is, from the brow tip to the opposite direction, it is more conducive to the absorption of the skin nutrition

  1. Before smearing Mink eyelashes, it is best to first put on a layer of eye care products such as eye cream or eye gel, so that the oil can form an effective protective film between the AD and the skin, neither affect the absorption of nutrients, but also to prevent The oil may cause direct damage to the skin
  2. Must be applied only on the Mink eyelashes, under the Mink eyelasheswithout deliberately smear, in the blink of an eye, in fact, under the eyes can already get moisture. In the application of Mink eyelashes, only the upper Mink eyelashesshould be applied to the root of the Mink eyelashes, eyebrow brush makeup on weekdays in this method does not apply.

    4.On the use of the right amount of cod liver oil explanation, in addition to the daily maintenance of the eyebrows in two places should not exceed the sum of six, there is a criterion is that when using a cotton swab dip cod liver oil smear Mink lashes Manufacturer, moistened cotton Stick, just a little dip, do not have the kind of feeling “penetrated” by the liquid, so I am afraid that the amount is too much
    5.Do not use before makeup, greasy Mink eyelashes and eye skin will only make your eye makeup in a short walk, and do not need to use the eye for a long time before, because this method is very easy to make your sight Blurred, if in the smear and then use a lot of eye work, not only may affect the performance of your work, and if the eye feeling too tired, it is also very easy to have a negative impact on vision
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