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Why is your Mink Eyelash Business not doing well?

Why is your Mink Eyelash Business not doing well?

Arpege lash vendor as a mink lash supplier,We have been in eyelash line for over 15 years and very familiar with the Supply Chain Of Mink Lashes.eyelash factory


Have you experienced or are you experiencing the headache thing that the the quality of mass mink lashes are different from confirmed samples or The styles are absolutely different from samples??lash vendor


When busy season is coming. You’are anxious and push the delivery due time and time again. Finally you are happy that your supplier finish the order.

But When you receive the goods and open the packaging. You feel on the verge of callapse Because the above terrible thing happens!

You’re angry and tell your current mink lashes supplier to produce the lashes again , but the same thing happens.

Even you warned them that if the same thing happens , We will stop the cooperating with you! But no improving!eyelash supplier factory


Why ???

Because for mink lashes samples some lash vendors purchase from us or they use good mink hair for sample, but for large products they use the social non-qualified workers to do it ,and use bad materials.

That’s why real mink eyelash with high quality will not cheap.

With 15 years developing, Our factory has got high reputation and awarded by local goverment, In China, We’re pround that only of our factory have so many qualified workers up to now! which assure the quality and delivery due well.wholesale lash supplier


And some mink lash wholesale supplier think no need to pay more to purchase the newest mink lashes in the first time.If you don’t update newest mink lashes styles to the customers in time, once the new mink lashes styles appear in the market, your customers will quickly to buy from other mink lashes suppliers.You must lost your chance to Access to a larger market.You may not aware that your customers was missing gradually as you are always lagging behind. mink lash supplier


So if you want your lash business last longer and make more money,you can chose us. Because we always provide high quality mink lashes, and give you best advice and service to improve your lash business. We want have  Long-term cooperation with you.Welcome to contract with us !!


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