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Real Mink vs Faux Mink 

There are so many different types of lashes in the beauty industry today from drugstore lashes to higher end lashes. People are just so used to purchasing “mink” lashes, but never really know whether they’re getting real mink OR faux mink lashes. So let’s talk about the differences….

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Mink lashes are also referred to as mink fur, real mink, and Siberian mink lashes. These lashes come from shed hair from the mink tail.

Mink Lashes are the most natural looking lashes for volume and length. They’re super lightweight, fluffy, and durable. Since they’re made with a thin, cotton band, they’re comfortable to wear and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes without the aid of mascara. Amazing right! NO MASCARA NECESSARY. The only downfall to mink is that they don’t hold a curl as long as faux mink. It takes a while for Pretty N Mink lashes to lose their curl, but if they ever do… lucky for you, we have a list of easy DIY ways you can re-curl your lashes, here.

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The cheaper alternative to mink lashes are faux mink lashes. These lashes imitate real mink, but are made of plastic/synthetic fibers. Faux mink lashes are low maintenance, budget friendly, and come in a larger variety of styles. They’re stiffer, have less durability, feel heavier and uncomfortable on the eyes after a few hours of wear, and can sometimes cause irritation of the eyes. The stiffness makes it a little more challenging when it’s time to apply them, especially if you’re a beginner. Faux mink lashes also lack the natural luster of real mink and become dull after a few weeks. Therefore, they look “fake” and generally require mascara.

We don’t sell nor recommend faux mink lashes, but they’re a great alternative if you’re looking for a less natural look and to only get a couple wears out of them.For the “fake” look and short lifespan, it makes more sense to purchase real mink lashes. It’s time to ditch those cheap, drugstore lashes and invest in a pair of Real Mink Lashes.


There is a way to truly test whether you’ve purchased real or faux mink lashes with the burn test. I know it sounds crazy, and we would never suggest you burn your new lashes, but just in case you were really wondering, here are the details…

CAREFULLY take a lighter and burn the hairs on your strip lash (do this over a sink or closed area). You’ll be able to tell if you have real or faux mink lashes by the smell and the way it burns. Real mink fur burns just like real hair. When burning, the hairs should crinkle and leave behind ashes. You should also be able to smell the signature “burnt hair” smell. Faux mink lashes do the complete opposite when burnt. They burn like synthetic hair and smells like artificial plastic.

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