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The Luxury Mink Lashes Styles You Must Choose For Eyelash Wholesale

The Luxury Mink Lashes Styles You Must

Choose For Eyelash Wholesale

All the suggestions Arpege Lashes put forward are to save lash customers’ costs to the greatest extent or promote the interests of overseas Luxury Mink Lashes suppliers, or focus on the long-term 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Business development of partners.

Some newcomers who are just engaged in the mink eyelashes wholesale do not know how to choose luxury 3d eyelash styles or which are popular.

In order to save customers’ costs to the greatest extent and help new mink eyelash vendors quickly open the market, we have launched a variety of styles of mink strips lashes sample sets.

Only $57 mix 16mm SAMPLES PACK 1

Including 8 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DC09-2 Pairs ,DC102-2 Pairs DC104-2 Pairs ,DC18-2 Pairs (16mm)

eyelashes vendor

Only $64 mix 16mm&20mm&22mm&25mm SAMPLES PACK  2

Including 8 Pairs Popular Mink Eyelashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DC09-2 Pairs(16mm),  DM02-2Pairs(20mm), DN02-2 Pairs(22mm), DL04-2 Pairs(25mm)

lash vendor3d mink lash vendors

Considering the shipping cost, for new mink lashes beginners, the initial shipping for less than 0.5 kg is $30 and it will take 1-2 business days to arrive at your home. Or US $ 25.00 to 3-5 working days to your address.

According to calculations, 10 pairs of mixed luxury lash styles under 0.5 kg cost only US$2.5 per mink.

Hot selling 16mm mink lashes

Today, this is a diverse society. People adore to change. There are various occasions to participate, and different makeup and Luxury Mink Lashes styles must be changed. There cannot be only one style.

Hot Selling 25mm Mink Lashes

After the age of 20, no matter how much or not your income is, don’t buy cheap goods anymore! Because when you wear the jewelry, the makeup and the dress are all fashionable, Whatever you want will come to you, oh right, the False Eyelashes are no exception!

Only $70 mix 16mm& 22mm&25mm SAMPLE PACKS 3

Including 9 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DL03-3 Pairs (25mm),  DM02-3 Pairs(22mm),  DC09-3 Pairs(16mm)

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

Only $73 mix 16mm&25mm SAMPLES PACK 4

Including 10 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DL03-3 Pairs  (25mm) ,DL04-2 Pairs (25mm) DC09-3 Pairs (16mm) ,DC102-2 Pairs (16mm)

wholesale mink eyelashes vendor

wholesale lashes suppliers

Only $73 mix 16mm&20mm SAMPLES PACK 5

Including 10 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DM02-3 Pairs (20mm) ,DM04-2 Pairs (20mm) ,DC09-3 Pairs (16mm),DC102-2 Pairs (16mm)

eyelash sample pack

lash vendors mink

Only $75 mix 22mm&25mm SAMPLES PACK 6

Including 10 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DL04-3 Pairs (25mm) ,DL03-2 Pairs (25mm), DN02-3 Pairs (22mm) ,DN14-2 Pairs (22mm)lash sample packvendors for lashes

Only $80 25mm SAMPLE PACK 7

Including 8Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DL04-2pairs, DL03-2pairs,DL07-2pairs,DL08-2pairs(25mm)

mink eyelash sample packmink lash vendors wholesale

We support order sample to test our lash quality, and when you wholesale bulk lashes,we will give you best discount. Welcome to contract with us.


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