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The Popular Mink Eyelash Style In 2021

The Popular Mink Eyelash Style In 2021

We are about to usher in a brand new 2021, new year and new trends. As a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors, we have carefully studied the makeup of New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week to predict which trends will become Mink Eyelashes The mainstream of style.

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1. Sharp Mink Lashes

The sharp eyelashes are very effective for enlarging the eyes, giving a sweet baby eye effect. They fit well with the theme of the 60s on the catwalk. I can see that the model’s dark lips and pale skin are not enough, so a few extra-long false eyelashes in the center and outer corners of the eyes are added.

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2. High Curl Mink Eyelashes

The international ranking of eyelash curling degree from low to high is divided into five categories: A (J), B (JC), C (CC), D, E (L). With the expansion of market demand and the different requirements of various brands, different eyelash curling degrees have begun to appear, such as I type (flatter than J type), U type (more volume than L type). Now customers’ The trend is more and more like high-curly eyelashes, so the future trend of eyelashes with high-curly is also a good choice.

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3. Thick Eyelash Style

The thick eyelash style will look special. The thick eyelash style will make your eyes brighter. Blink your eyes. Your eyelashes are like a butterfly fluttering its wings gently on your eyes. Very dramatic. You can now On IG and Tik Tok, I saw a lot of wearing very thick eyelash styles. Of course, this is just for entertainment and not suitable for daily life. But I have to deny that thick Mink Lash styles are about to become a new trend.

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Our designers have designed many new popular eyelash styles based on these trends. If you are also interested in these eyelash styles, please contact us.

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