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Things You Need To Know Before Placing An Order

These Things You Need To Know Before

Placing An Eyelash Wholesale Order

  1. How Many Times Can The Lashes Be Used?

    We can sure our Real Mink lashes are high quality of each pairs ,and it can be used for 20-25 times.We never sell not good quality lashes to our customers.Although Mink eyelashes sample or bulk wholesale mink lashes, we will give you the best quality lashes. But some eyelashes wholesale vendor will give you high quality eyelashes sample with low price, and when you placing bulk order, they will ship you bad quality eyelashes. So there are so many cheaper eyelashes vendor who said their eyelashes are real mink lashes and have cheaper price. That’s no sense. Who will spend 3$ to produce one pair Mink lashes but sell them for the price of 2-2.5$ one pair??? Who??eyelash wholesale vendor

    To be Honestly,the Mink hair is really precious because we get it Cruelty Free. And when the eyelash are handmade. We must spend money for Labor cost. So form the perspective of cost, None real mink lashes will be 2-2.5 $ one pair. And if you want to have a long term eyelash business, you must wholesale real mink eyelashes, only real mink lashes will help you t earn more money and give you a repat customers group.mink lashes wholesale vendor

  2. What Does Your Order Include?

    Arpege lashes vendor as a professional wholesale lashes vendor, we want to tell you that before Placing an order,you must make sure what does your order include. Does it include shipping, package? How does eyelash quanlity and how many eyelashes does it including.Many customers think all the eyelashes with free package box. And some eyelash supplier lie to the customers with box but when customers receive it without box. So you must make sure whst does your order include. Arpege lashes always confirm the order detail with our customers angain and again, because we must make sure all of our customers will be happy and satisfaied with our product and service.

    3. How long Does your order will be shippt?

    As we know, time is money!!! Fast Delievery will save your time for waiting, so you can earn money early. So you must know how long does your order shipping. Arpege lashes vendor with more 200 works to take work for production,package, shipping. So we can ensure the fast shipping time, when our customers confirm the order, only need 1-5 days, your goods wille be shippt. For only lashes no box order, today paid,tomorrow ship, 3-4 days will arrive. For the order with custom packaging box with logo, it will need 3-5 days to produce. Why the time will increase when the order with custom eyelash packaging box?( Clink here )    And when your box finish production, we will ship out and within 7 days you will receive eyelashes wholesale vendor

    Welcome to work with Arpege Lashes Vendor,we will give you best service,fast shipping and supply best quality mink lashes and custom eyelash oackaging box. We will help you earn more money and have a wonderful eyelash business.

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