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Why Chose Mink  Eyelash?

Why Chose Mink  Eyelash?

Wondering what our lashes are really made from? They are made from 100% mink fur that has been collected from a cruelty-free mink farm. Mink is the highest quality material for false lashes because it has similar quality of real human lashes. Our lashes give off minimal sheen, have tapered lash strands, and hold a pretty curl to make them look even more natural. Many MUA prefer to use mink because they are soft, lightweight, fluffy, and blend seamlessly with your real lashes.

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If you usually wear synthetic or silk lashes, and want to upgrade your lash game, giveMink a try. Once you go mink you won’t go back. You’ll love the way our lashes feel and their durability. With the proper care, you can reuse your lashes up to 30x and save yourself some coins in the long run. I’ve had the same pair of lashes for 6 weeks now and I love that I can still wear them.

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Maybe you rarely wear lashes, or this is your first pair of lashes… we have some styles that are perfect for you. Our lashes in the style “DC” are a pretty, natural style, great for anyone looking for a subtle everyday lash. If you are feeling this lash thing, try my personal favorite style, “DX.” This is great for those that don’t mind a little extra length. The longer hairs are places in the center of the band to create a natural, flirty look. Both styles are a perfect choice for those needing a little help deciding on a pair. Give them a try today.

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