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Why Compared to Individual Eyelashes and Silk Eyelashes, Mink Eyelashes are still the Best Choice?

Why Compared to Individual Eyelashes and Silk Eyelashes,

Mink Eyelashes are still the Best Choice?

In recent years,more and more people want to do wholesale individual eyelashes and silk lashes, some are prefer to magetic eyelashes. But we want to tell you, real mink eyelashes are still the best choice for wholesale and easy to make profit. Do you want to know why?Let me tell you.


Firstly, from the perspective of price. We all know real mink eyelashes are expensive than silk lashes, but mink eyelashes must cheaper than individual lashes. As we know, Grafting eyelashes, it costs 25-35$,and it will last about 1 month, then it will gradually fall off. So let we calculate individual eyelash is 25$ one month.  And for silk lashes,one pair can be used up to 1-2 times. One pairs about spend 1$-1.5$,so one month can spend 22-30$. But if you wholesale mink eyelashes, you can sell it at the price of 10-15$.

Atthis price,you can also make great profit. And for the people who wear mink eyelashes, she only spend 10-15$ 1 month,because one pair Real mink eyelashes can be used for 30 times. Our high quality mink lash strips are all handmade and real mink fur. So do you still think mink eyelashes are still expensive than silk lashes or invididual lashes?silk lashes vendor


Secondly, the feeling of wear. As we know, silk lashes are rigid and no curld. So when you wear silk lashes,it will look not natural and uncomforable. And invididual lashes, it need the grafter have professional skill,otherwise,it will look not preety on your eyes. Even though,it will save time for you to supply false eyelashes, but as it falls off, your eyes will look very awkward.And  if  you know  how  to  apply  false  lash  strip,  you don’t need more  time to apply false lashes.Actually,it  is  so  easy  to  apply eyelashes.


Finally,for the quality. As we know all the things with high price must have high quality.   Why is the Hermes bag so expensive,but there are so many people buy it.  It just a bag, why so many people to spend so much money to buy a bag. Just for luxury? Myabe not, Hermes bags are all handmade, and they are all genuine leather. Its quality must not be comparable to ordinary bags. Maybe we can’t have so much money to buy luxury bags, but spend 10-15$ to buy luxury eyelashes, to make our eyes pretty and enhance our confidence, it must worth!!

How To Judge False Eyelashes Quality?

mink lashes

That’s what we want to tell you. You can buy lashes,but you can’t get confidence from cheaper lashes.  Why Hollywood stars wear mink eyelashes rather than silk lashes? The mink lashes will not spend more money,why we can’t wear mink eyelashessilk eyelashes supplier

And for the people who want to do lashes business,  it is recommended to wholesale mink eyelashes.  Why?Clink Here to get answer.



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