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Why Does Your Eyelash Supplier not Reply To You the Eyelash Price ?

Why does your Eyelash Supplier not reply you Eyelash Price ?

Arpege lashes vendor as a professional eyelash vendor wholesale mink eyelashes and eyelash packaging box in USA. We have met too many customers who always want to know eyelash price and how much.

mink eyelash price

Firstly, we are not robot. We saw your requirements of price. But why not we can’t respond you this questions?

Let me talk about a example.When you enter a store to buy clothes,would you directly ask the salesperson how much of the clothes? Of course not.

The same reason is that we can’t respond to you the price of the eyelashes.  Different styles different price!  We know if you enter a online shop you can directly see the price of each lashes. But we are not online shop. All of us are real man to talk with you. So we must know what and which do you want, then we can give you price.the price of mink eyelashes

Secondly , We must make sure which styles of lashes do you want, and how many of each eyelashes do you want. And whether you are still need eyelash packaging box. Because most of eyelash companies will have their own lash business brand name or logo. But for some who just start eyelash business ,they will not have their own logo, in this situation, we will free help you design logo.Thus, we need to make sure of all of your information. We are not robot or we are not understand you, we just want to help you and make sure everything. eyelash price

Finally,when we make sure everything, we will give price of all you want things. We don’t have pricelist and per peice. Because after knowing all of you want ,we need to calculate shipping fee,and then give you discount factory price.

So if you are the one just start your eyelash business, please trust your lash vendor, and most importantly ,you must find a realiable lash supplier for you eyelash business. If you want to know more about our lashes and product,please clink whatsapp us to get more information. We sincerely hope that we are able to carry out long-term cooperation with you,so we will give you best service and high quality product.

Welcome to work with us, loonking forward to your messages.mink eyelashes vendor

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