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Why don’t we produce colored eyelashes

Why don’t we produce colored eyelashes

Recently, many customers find false colored lashes. But we don’t produce colored eyelashes now and future. And we also suggested don’t wholesale colorful eyelashes. Why? There are so many reasons for this question. Now let me give you some examples.

Firstly, real mink lashes are balack or a little brown.So some colorful lashes are not mink lashes or real mink lashes, you must realize this point!!

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Secondly, you may know that colored eyelashes are not mink lashes, you need silk lashes but colored false eyelashes. We also don’t suggest you buy this type lashes. Because these silk and colored eyelashes are made from chemical dyes which color will fade and harmful to the skin. Because we know the  production process of colored eyelashes. We are still producing high quality and luxury mink lashes to let our customers make great profit.  But we never harm the skin of our customers in order to appeal more customers. So we never produce colored lashes. Although the colored false eyelashes are easy to produce.colored lashes

Last but not least, you are so glad to see this blog, because we can help you deisgn your own colored eyelashes by yourself. In this way, you can’t need worry about the chemical dyes have harmful influence for your eyes or skin.  

And if you want wholesale high quality and luxury false lashes, and DIY eyelash packaging boxes, you can contract with us, we will give you best price and high quality, to help you make more money from your eyelash business.

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