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Why Should You Choose High-Quality Mink Eyelashes

Why Should You Choose High-Quality Mink Eyelashes From Us

As a Mink Lashes Supplierwe know that there are many lash vendors in the world market. There are many suppliers whose prices are as low as one pair 0.5$-1$. But I told you this price is either a liar or a bad quality lash.

If they are liars ,they will Scam your money and when they receive your money ,they will never go back to you . If their lashes are bad quality lashes,i I suggest you don’t try it.The reason is that not only is it very uncomfortable to wear, but it also won’t look pretty in your eyes.And you have to throw it away once you wear it one time.

Bad Quality Lashes

But our Mink Lashes are soft,because our Mink Lashes are real cruelty-free mink hair and really hand-made , some are natural and realistic ,some are dramatic, can be worn on various occasions. And our lashes can be used for 15-50 times,so that the cost per time is also very low.

High Quality Lashes

Meanwhile, some people like the lashes  that look fluffy, but if you chose terrible fluffy lashes, Its hair will make your skin feel tingling, it will be very uncomfortable for you, and it will make your makeup look very bad.But we can guarantee that our eyelashes will never be tingling feeling.Our eyelashes feel as soft as pet hair.But I emphasize once again that our mink fur is absolutely cruelty-free. We collect mink fur from animal shed hair, Just like a pet dog, the hair is constantly growing, and when it grows too long, it must be cut off.

In fact, the reason is very simple, just like shoes, some will be very comfortable to wear and can be worn many times, but some will be very uncomfortable, and they will break after being worn a few times.

You can guess, if your client buys bad quality eyelashes from you, if she feels uncomfortable and not pertty after wearing them, will she still ask you to buy them next time?

But if she buy our high quality Mink Eyelashes from you, she thinks it is beautiful and natural. Others will praise her for her beauty. Not only will she buy it from you again, but also she will with her friends to buy it together.

If you are not sure about the quality of our Mink Lashes,we will support sample order,When ordering a large number of eyelashes, we can refund your sample money,so you don’t worry .

25mm Siberian Mink Lashes

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