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How To Choose A Reliable Eyelash Vendors?

How To Choose A Reliable Eyelash Vendors?

It is very important to choose the eyelash vendors when you start the eyelash business. Besause if you chose a best eyelash vendor, you will get more help from your vendor, your lash supplier will help you how to improve your eyelash business, so you can earn more and more money form your lash business.

DIY Eyelash Packaging

THe proess of choosing a  mink eyelash supplier is slow, because you should compare more eyelash vendor to chose a best one.
In order to  save your time,  sell your false eyelashes well and earn more money. Now I will give you some suggestions for how to find the  Lashes Supplier accurately.

Eyelash Vendors WholesaleEyelash Vendors Wholesale 

First of all, a professional eyelashes supplier should have a helpful website. You can see a variety of false eyelashes on it, and there will be a detailed introduction about the Eyelash Vendors and their product.
On the website you can learn about the history of this eyelash supplier, as well as the production process of eyelashes and the production cycle.And more other information such as how to pay for the order? how long will be shippt and come to your address ? A professional eyelash vendor, their website maybe not elegant and colorful,but it must have many helpful information to help you building your false lashes business.

Wholesale Mink Lashes VendorsWholesale Mink Lashes Vendors

And you also can see the customer’s comments. The customer’s comments are the most authentic,  you can from  their comments to know if the quality of the eyelashes is good or bad.
Meanwhile,you can get some information about how the supplier talk with other lash business founder.

custom eyelash packaging boxCustom Eyelash Packaging Vendors

If these suppliers can do it, congratulations, you have successfully found a qualified eyelash supplier.
Next your can get some information about their contract information. So you can talk with the supplier about more information you want to realize. 
I hope my blog can help you find a qualified Mink Eyelash Vendors. And you can visit my home to get more information about our company.

custom eyelash boxLabel Logo Eyelash Box 

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False eyelashes have become one of the beauty industry’s must-have accessories and soaring demand means that the false lash market is booming. Applying fake lash strip can instantly transform your appearance, with the ability to create a glamorous or natural look, depending on the style you choose. Modern false eyelashes are more realistic than ever and are easy to apply and comfortable to wear, making them a great addition to your everyday makeup look. Applying false lashes can be tricky in the beginning, but don’t worry! With a bit of practice, you can become an expert in false eyelash application and easily complete your beauty looks in minutes.mink eyelash strip

To help, we’ve put together a useful guide on how to apply false eyelashes like a pro:


The first step to applying fake eyelashes is to determine which style will best suit your eye shape. According to Glamour, people with almond shaped eyes can get away with wearing just about any style of mink lashes. Our seductive bunny luxury lashes look amazing on anyone with almond shaped eyes who wants to create a striking look. Whereas, people with round shaped eyes should generally opt for lightweight, curly lashes like our natural bunny everyday lashes. Once you’ve chosen the best false eyelashes for your eye shape, you need to measure them against your eye and carefully trim the eyelashes to size. This will help ensure that your false eyelashes are as natural and as comfortable as possible once applied. Remember that the false lash doesn’t have to fit the full width of your eye. You can cut them to fit the outer two-thirds of your eye to achieve a more natural look and make application easier for beginners.eyelash supplier


Once your  eyelashes have been sized correctly for your eyes, you can apply the lash adhesive. To do this, you should apply a thin layer of lash glue along the band of the lash, making sure that the entire strip is covered. You then need to wait a couple of seconds for the glue to become tacky. Beauty experts at Allure recommend leaving the lash glue for around 30 seconds before applying. This is extremely important as the false lash will not stick correctly if you try to apply it while the lash adhesive is still wet.mink lashes vendor


Once the glue has gone slightly sticky, apply the false lash strip just above your natural lash line and hold in place for around 20-30 seconds. You want to avoid gluing  lashes on top of your actual lashes, or you risk damaging your natural lashes when you remove your falsies. At the same time, make sure that you don’t end up with a noticeable gap between your natural lashes and the false lash strip. The simplest way to apply your false lashes is to look down and press the lash strip just above your natural lash line in the centre, inner corner, and outer edge. You can use your fingers to do this or opt for a pair of tweezers or a false eyelash applicator. Try using a variety of application techniques to find what works best for you. Once the false eyelash is stuck in place, you need to blend it with your real eyelashes to give it a natural appearance. One of the easiest ways to create a seamless look is by using mascara to bond your natural and false lashes together. You can also use eyeliner to disguise the false lash strip, then use your fingers to gently push against your lashes and create extra uplift.false lash vendor


The final step to wearing false eyelashes is to remove them correctly. Mink lashes are expensive, so don’t waste money by damaging them while taking them off. Remember that you can re-wear your false lashes several times with proper care. To remove, apply some oil-free makeup remover (oil can damage the false lashes) then gently peel the mink eyelash strip back from your natural lash line. Once you have removed the false eyelashes, wash them in warm water and oil-free makeup remover, remembering to be extremely gentle. Once they have been cleaned properly, place your false lashes back in their packets until you want to wear them again.false lashes


There you have it – applying beautiful false eyelashes couldn’t be simpler! Putting on fake lashes may be a struggle at the beginning but remember that practice makes perfect. Keep applying false eyelashes and you will soon become an expert and have the skills to apply fake eyelashes perfectly in minutes. To help you get started, take a look at our new range of luxury mink false eyelashes. All of our lashes are made from the highest quality ethical materials and 100% cruelty-free.

how to wear lash strip
mink lash vendor
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Benefits of Mink Lashes

Benefits  of  Mink  Lashes

What are Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are made from Siberian mink fur that have been shed after brushing the tails of the mink,and some of the natural shedding. The shed fur are dyed and hygienically treated then handcrafted into wearable eyelashes.

Mink Lashes Vendors

Mink lashes were first introduced by celebrities such as JLo, Heidi Klum and Oprah at red carpet events but they were off limits to most women since they cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars. They remained as Hollywood’s secret to beautiful, capturing eyes until recently they’ve become much more affordable and available.

mink lashes

What is the different between

mink & synthetic lashes?

Mink lashes are much more softer, fluttery, natural and weightless compare to the synthetic lashes. And Siberian mink fur looks and feels like the real human lashes and can duplicate the most natural looking false eyelashes on the market. Real Mink lashes have very beautiful natural shine and gloss compared to that of a fake plastic shine of a synthetic lash.

How long do mink lashes last?

Mink lashes are highly durable and can be worn up to 20 times with proper care. It’s very important that these lashes are properly cared for; use a tweezer to remove it from the box, gently clean off the glue residue from the base of the lashes and store it away from moisture and heat.

Why should You get mink lashes?

Mink lashes are so much more beautiful, softer, fluttery, natural and weightless. Not only does it look so much superior to the synthetic lashes, it also feels so much better because of it’s softness and weightlessness. It doesn’t feel heavy and uncomfortable like what most people experience wearing synthetic lashes.mink lashes
Mink Eyelashes are also not perfectly lined in shape like the other mass manufactured lashes, just like the natural lashes they tend to be a bit imperfectly shaped and flares out in different ways which make them so much more natural and beautiful.
There’s a reason why some A-List celebrities only wear mink lashes, they’ve got team of beauty experts who research the best ways to look gorgeous and beautiful.

Mink lashes may seem expensive but you can reuse them up to 20 times so it’s worth the price you are paying for. They are so addictive once you try Mink Eyelashes you’ll not want to use any other lashes again.

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5 Tips to Getting More Wear Out of Your Fake Eyelashes

5 Tips to Getting More Wear Out of Your Fake Eyelashes

Here are few easy tips to get extra wear out of your false eyelashes.

1. Take Them Off at the End of the Day

When you sleep, your falsies can easily get tangled, bent, or torn as you roll around in bed. Always make sure to remove your fake eyelashes at the end of the day, and store them in the custom eyelash packaging box. This can be a bit time consuming with eyelash clusters, but it will keep your mink eyelashes from collecting dust and help maintain their shape.

eyelashes box

2. Use Remover to Take Them Off

Speaking of removal, always use makeup remover to gently get rid of eyelash glue before taking them off. It might be quicker to just pull them off, but this puts stress on the eyelashes and can even rip out your real ones.

Pick an oil-free remover to avoid breaking down the lash strip. Never use tweezers to remove the eyelashes, instead gently use the pads of your fingertips to avoid crimping the mink eyelash hairs.

mink lashes

3. Buy Quality Mink Lashes

It might be tempting to buy a $2 pair of lashes, but cheaper falsies wear out quickly. Instead, invest in a quality set from a respected brand like Arpege Lashes . Not only will they look more realistic, but you can also be confident that your eyelashes will last through multiple applications.Our high quality mink lashes can be used for 20-25 times.

high quality false eyelashes

4. Avoid Mascara

Beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus might tell you to coat your falsies with mascara to supposedly blend them in with your real lashes. However, this step is not actually necessary when you have a quality pair of authentic looking mink lashes. Falsies are already long enough and dark enough that they do not need mascara, which can make fake eyelashes grimy and wear them out quicker.

If you absolutely must wear mascara on falsies, do not use a waterproof one. Even the best mascaras tend to make false eyelashes clump together and fall apart.

fake eyelashes

5. Clean and Comb Your Fake Eyelashes

It is important to clean your eyelashes after every few uses. This gets rid of any buildup from glue or eyeshadow that could make false eyelashes look clumpy. Gently soak them in lukewarm water and clean them with eye makeup remover and a cotton Q-tip. Then make sure to rinse the lashes thoroughly and gently comb them with an eyelash comb before patting them dry and storing them in their tray.3D minklashes

It may seem like a lot of work to keep your fake eyelashes looking their best, but the effort will go a long way in keeping your falsies looking like new. Not to mention the added cushion in your wallet from not needing to buy new ones every week.

Clink Here >>How to Clean Your Mink Lashes

Clink Here>>How to Create a Your Own Lash Business: The Beginner’s  Guide

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What Should You Do After You Finish Payment For A Lash Wholesale Order?

What Should You Do After You Finish Payment For A Lash Wholesale Order?

When you finish a Wholesale Mink Lashes order from your Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor in China, what should you do ?Let’s take a look with US to see if there are any good solutions to this problem to help you start your eyelash business better.Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor

Wholesale eyelash vendors

What Should You Do When You Receive Your Mink Eyelashes Order Package?

The first thing you should check the production date, if you make Eyelashes Boxes, and Custom Packaging Box ,that would be longer , so you should check everything you order so you can receive your parcel in timePackaging Boxes Wholesale

The second thing is that you should check each detail of production, and the process of the production, and you will receive production order, and check each information you receive , especially your Eyelash Brand Name , your Lashes Logo, your website , your email ,you IG,and your FB .etc. To ensure everything comes our correctly.

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging

When Your Order Is Under Production,

What Should You Do ?

First , you should have your own style name , especially you have your own website, and people can easily find  your brand name from your website, but if you still use your Lashes Wholesale Vendor’s style name , and your customer will find your Mink Lashes Wholesale Manufacturers.

The second you should do is ask your Lashes Vendor prepare clear bags ,and when your custom packaging box finished, you should ask your Eyelash Suppliers put the box to each bag to protect the surface of the box and avoid scratches caused by box friction.So when you receive the box ,each one will be the perfect one.Wholesale 25mm Mink Eyelash

Also , you should check the shipping box , and make sure it is hard to protect the eyelash boxes but if you choose express , and that is the most safe shipping way .And each Eyelash Wholesale Vendor will take care of your parcel and you don’t need pay too much time on it.

eyelash packaging box manufacturers

What you should do is too choose the best vendor who provide perfect service for you ,and everything you can give it to your Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors, such as Emma Lashes, we treat our customer as our god ,and we do everything for our customer with heart and we design eyelash with our soul.Trust us and cooperate with us , we will do more than you think.If you want to know more, please CONTACT US, we have professional service staff who will provide you with quality service.

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How Our Lashes Are Made

How Our Lashes Are Made

Mink Lashes is an industry leader in false lashes, we provide lashes to many celebrities and Makeup artists. We sell Mink eyelashes. Our eyelashes are premium 3D mink eyelashes that are 100% authentic and made with a unique technique using a soft cotton elastic band for comfort. They are feather soft and lightweight and come in many different 3D styles.

Therefore ,a lot of people wonder how our Pretty Luxury  Mink lashes are made. Now we’re here to give you the scoop.

mink lashes

Firstly,3D mink eyelashes  are very pretty and luxuriou. The design is different. 3D means three-dimensional giving them fuzzy layered ends and they do not lay flat. You can tell the difference from 3D mink eyelashes and other false lashes.

mink lash vendors

Thus,all our Mink lashes are handcrafted from 100% premium quality Siberian minks. The hairs are collected as they shed from Minks’ tails and sterilized. No worries, the animals are well cared for and aren’t harmed throughout this process. We also don’t use harmful chemicals or dyes during the sterilizing process, just to make sure the lashes are safe for human use. Then, different hairs are selected for different lash designs based on pattern and length. That’s why you’ll notice “real mink” lashes are not 100% uniform.

Next, our manufacturer arranges all the lashes by hand on a cotton band lashes to give them the perfect styles for our beautiful customers. Once they are curled, tapered, and styled to perfection for our desired pattern, they are packaged in our custom eyelash packaging boxes, shipped, and put on our website for purchase.

Easy, but not so easy. 3d mink lashes are very pretty and luxurious, they are different from the standard false ” Lashes” or “fiber lashes” because they are hand-made and how they look.

mink lashes


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How to Create a Your Own Lash Business: The Beginner’s  Guide

How to Create a Your Own Lash Business: The Beginner’s  Guide

Do you want create your own Lash Business? Easier, Faster, earining money…… You don’t need to reply on anyone but yourself. Every girl has ability to be your own boss. But how to create your own business hours and start your own company?

Nowdays, more and more girls started to come into beauty game. From being makeup artists to sell their own brand lashes. Similar thing will always happen every day. We wonder how they got the idea to do this. How they designed their logo? How to get resource and supplier? And how to build online shop step by step?

lash business

The Answer For How to Create a Your Own Lash Business

To answer these questions, I will uncover the secret how to create lash business step by step.

First Step: You Need to Design A Logo for Your Lashes Business First.

Logos are an essential part of creating a visual representation of the company that people can recognize. Logos create a brand identity for a company, and branding helps a company be easily recognized. It is necessary to have a quality logo, since the logo is the face of the company. A badly designed logo turns away customers and is forgettable.  If you want to get free logo, you also can contact with us ( We will design a perfect logo for your lash business. You just need to tell us your lash business name and request, we will make it until you are satisfied.

lash business


Second Step: Get A Good Package for Your Lash Business.

Think of Tiffany & Co. For most people, the iconic robin’s-egg blue box is more recognizable than the jewelry itself. Packaging is powerful because it tells consumers why your lashes and brand are different. Apple is known for its clean, minimalist packaging. Great packaging is especially significant for growing startups because it can have a direct impact on sales and a company’s overall appeal. Now, it’s time to get great eyelash packing.  You can choose us. We will design it for you.

There are some lashes package for your reference (

lash business

Third Step (Most Important Step): Choose a Good Supplier for Your Lash Business.

Choosing the right suppliers for your small business requires strategic thinking. You should have a strong sense of what you as a business owner are looking to achieve and how you can do it before you make your selection, because choosing suppliers is about much more than just the goods you want to buy. For example, if you want to cut down the time it takes you to serve your customers, consider suppliers that offer you faster delivery in addition to those that compete on price alone.

There are lots of good supplier for lash in China. Why do you choose us?

  1. Professional:

We are one of the most excellent manufacturers in China, which specialized in designing and manufacturing 3D Mink Lashes,25mm Mink lashes,7D Mink lashes . Thus our eyelash can catch up with popular trends because we have professional design team.

  1. Fast Deliver

We have been dedicated to striving for delivering it to you by  FedEx within 5-7 days after you placed orders. Strong package is widely adopted to ensure it unbroken when you got commodity.

  1. Fully understanding of the market

Every year, new styles lashes were recommended with our client. We recommended retailers with 25mm lashes on American market in last year. Now it is more and more popular.And we now design new style 7D Lashes with highquality.

lash business

Fourth Step: Sell Your lash on your target market.

Marketing is important because it helps you sell your lashes. You can sell it online and offline. It is popular selling goods on line. Opening an online business is as easy as a few clicks.

You can open store on Facebook and Instagram with Zero cost. If you want to own a website, it is easy to build step by step. You can use shoplify, Wix, wordpress and opencart to build you own website. And we can give you some advice since we have good designer for build website and SEO.

lash business

You make an inquiry to us that you would like to start your own “lash line” of products. From that point we tell you everything we have to offer you. we provide the lashes, custom lash packaging box, free logo design, fast ship and best service. You do not need to purchase everything we offer, but if we are willing to provide all your services for you, why not?

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Mink, Silk And Faux Mink lash extensions – What’s The Difference?

Mink, Silk And Faux Mink lash extensions – What’s The Difference?

While mink lashes tends to be the most popular material for Lash Extensions these days, there actually several different kinds. It’s easy to confused with the “mink/faux mink talk”,huh? Let’s break down what the differences of eyelash extensions are,and how they differ from each other.

lash extensions
DM07-mink lash

Mink, Faux Mink, and Silk extensions are the most commonly used. The main difference between them comes down to their firmness, are they real fur, faux fur or are they synthetic?

Mink Lash Extensions

Firstly,Mink Lashes  Extensions usually used on older clients or those going for an extremely natural look. The material is mink which have a natural quality to them that you cannot get from synthetic material. Real Mink lashes come from the Mink tail, usually coming from either the Siberian Mink or the Chinese Mink. With Mink extensions, you’ll get a light, fluffy, soft natural look. Real mink lashes usually last longer, because they are so light as well as being able to apply several mink extensions. Mink eyelashes tend to be the least comfortable type of extension and are best used for special occasions.

lash extensions

The downside to this type of extension is that they are a little expensive than silk and faux mink lashes. And they also do not come curled. Real mink lashes need to maintain that curled look. So you must have a custom lash packaging box to keep them .And should know how to clean them.

lash extensions
mink lashes

Faux Mink Lash Extensions

Secondly,Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions are the most popular extensions used by lash artists today. These man made, poly-fiber lashes come in a variety of lengths, diameters and curls, have good flexibility and remain somewhat natural looking depending on the length. But this requires very high grafting technology. If there is no skilled technology and sufficient experience, not only will it not look good, but it will also cause some damage to our skin.And it also not lasting  too long, Some can only last for one or two days, the most can only last for a month. That’s will waste of time and money,because one time need money and time.

lash extensions

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Then,Silk lashes,these are the mid-weight type of lash extensions, and more flexible than the synthetic type which makes their retention slightly better.  Like synthetic eyelashes, silk come in a variety of curls and lengths. These types of extensions also hold their curl but the curl tends to be less uniform then synthetic eyelashes, making them better for clients looking for a more natural look. Silk lashes tend to be thicker than any other type.

Deciding between the different types of eyelash extensions to use will depend on your client. Their age, the occasion, the look they’re going for will all play a factor in deciding which extension to work with. What type of extension do you most work with? Let us know in the comments below!


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What Is The Most Popular Mink Eyelashes In 2020?

What Is The Most Popular  Eyelash In 2020?

Dear friend, it will be over in 2019. If you can see this article, I guess you are a fan of strip mink eyelash, whether you want to grow your brand or start your brand, we are all fans of mink eyelashes.

Since 2015,  Mink eyelash have been loved by more people, and more and more people are beginning to use mink strip eyelashes to make themselves more beautiful. In 2017, the most popular  mink eyelashes are 3D mink eyelashes. In 2018, the most popular is the 25mm mink strip lashes and 16-22mm mink strip lashes.
If you can know the most popular  mink eyelashes in 2020, you must be sure. Now, I want to congratulate, you have to know right away.

What Is The Most Popular 5d Eyelash In 2019?

If you are about to start a cosmetics 16-25mm mink lashes business, you will be grateful to see this blog.
If 25mm mink eyelash has brought you a lot of benefits, what are you waiting for?


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Why Choose the Best Quality Mink Lashes to Start Your Lash Business At Begin

Why Choose the Best Quality Mink Lashes

to Start Your Lash Business At Begin

As we know, the most important reason for the long-term development of all well-known brands in the world is high quality. Such as Hermes,Dior,Chanel.  And some other pruductions,for example,TV,Phone,Electrical appliances,etc.  So if you want have a better beginning of your lash business,you must chose high quality mink eyelash vendors to start your lash business.

mink lashes

For the reason ,firstly, Eyelashes, as our daily necessities, are in direct contact with our skin. So if the quality of eyelashes is not good, it will not only affect our makeup, but also make our skin feel uncomfortable. You can wonder that if you buy not beautiful and uncomfortable eyelashes, how would you feel? Would you buy it again? Of course not !

mink lashes

Secondly, if you chose high quality mink lashes at begin, your customer will be beautiful with your lashes and happy to find you. They will go back to you to buy next time and she maybe introduce her friend to buy from you. In this way,you will more and more customers. Why ?  Because the Quality is the best Advertising!

mink lash vendors

Most importantly,if you want have long development of your lash business, you have to have your custom lash packaging box . How to do this ? You need chose custom eyelash packaging box with your brand name and logo. Only in this way can you form your own business brand, so you will have more and more customers to find you.

custom lash packaging box

In conclusion,if you really want to have your own lash business. You need to chose high quality mink eyelash to begin. Perhaps, you don’t have enough money to buy bulk. You can first buy little quantity to attract customers.You can post them on your social account. They will contract with you ,and we will help you how to  introduce our products to your customers.  And we have faith for our lashes, they just need buy one pair to test ,they must love it ,and they will go back to you buy again.

mink lash vendor